The dictionary according to Shane Warne

During my stint as over-by-over text commentator for Times online yesterday, I was asked to listen out for a few “Warne-isms”. I’m not quite sure I know what the dictionary definition of a “Warne-ism” is but there were a couple worth the retelling here, if not in a national newspaper.

In his first commentary stint since playing in the Poker Ashes in Las Vegas, the former leggie, articulated this cracker when Mitchell Johnson didn’t quite get it right. “He’s dropped a bundle,” said Warnie, leaving Athers, his co-commentator, bemused and requesting an Anglo-Australian book of slang to be passed along to the box.

“It’s the same as throwing your toys out of the pram,” the Victorian wizard further explained, before later using the word ‘technique’ uniquely as a verb. ” I like the way he techniques it,” he offered as an explanation of Kevin Pietersen’s, er, technique.

The cameraman extended his lens to the kangaroo enclosure at nearby London Zoo and Athers asked the Aussie if he felt at home.

“Aw, look mate,” he responded, as most Aussies will do when asked a question, “England’s like my second home.”

But then, in the final over, his true colours shone through.

As Johnson stepped up to bowl it to Stuart Broad, he had Warnie’s words of encouragement ringing in his ears – a veritable collection of Aussie cliches.

“Come on Mitchie,” he prompted. “Make it a jaffa, make it a peach, let it rip. Give him 95mph.”

It’s good to have you along Warnie. And don’t let us wait too long for more classics. We’ll be listening out.


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