It’s not all about me, me, me (although quite a lot of it is to be frank)

Some people from a clothing company of sorts have contacted me – and, it seems, the cricket blogging world in general  – about a distinctive line of attire they are about to produce. Now this seems like a blatant attempt to get free advertising – although no one would advertise here if they knew my viewing statistics – but I don’t mind a bit of blatancy so I have reproduced their press release below

The self-styled ‘sporting outfitters of intellectual distinction’ at
Philosophy Football find quotes from philosophers about football and
slap them on a T-shirt with name and squad number added. This summer
they have launched a their philosophy cricket range with opening bat
CB Fry’s musings on cricket as a philosophy. As a cricketer CB Fry
captained both Sussex and England. A gifted footballer too, he played
professionally for Southampton and Portsmouth, making his England
debut in 1901. For a time he was also holder of the world record for
the long jump. A superbly gifted cricket writer and academic off the
pitch CB politically managed to combine standing unsuccessfully for
Parliament as a Liberal Party candidate with the bizarre idea ideas
that if Germany could be persuaded to play England at test cricket WW2
might be avoided. The T-shirt is available from
with the search now on for other cricket quotes for T-shirted

I’m trying to rack my brains for a few phrases they might be able to use and you might want to as well. I only there’s some commission involved!

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