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It’s not all about me, me, me (part two)

It was sad to learn, a couple of weeks ago at the Blogging Ashes (for reports see Cricket With Balls, Line and Length and the Village Cricketer) that a fine body of men who have been going to Edgbaston for nigh on 20 years – or maybe even longer – have come up empty-handed when it comes to this year’s Ashes.

Because Warwickshire’s mandarins decided that nobody could buy more than two tickets each for the third Test, the loyal customers from Elstow Cricket Club, in Bedfordshire, have been denied their annual day out.

However, they have not taken it lying down and instead of situating themselves in bands of two around the arena, they have decided to have their own Ashes instead. They will be taking on a select Australian XI, now, I understand, to be captained by J-Rod, over the weekend of July 25 and 26 (when there is no competing Ashes cricket taking place) and are promising two days of food, drink, entertainment, sun and, perhaps most importantly, cricket.

So if you find yourself in that neck of the woods and want to indulge in a bit of Ashes banter, barrack J-Rod about his attempted Reverse Sweeps and see if he really is the worst Australian captain ever, as he claimed after his defeat at the England bloggers’ hands, why not pop in. Admission is free, I understand, but you may have to pay for your drinks.

More info is available at www.elstowcc.co.uk  or you can email them on elstowcricketclub@hotmail.co.uk

You might, if you’re one of those people who gets up in time for it, recognise some of the faces because they’ve apparently already featured on Cricket AM.

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It’s not all about me, me, me (although quite a lot of it is to be frank)

Some people from a clothing company of sorts have contacted me – and, it seems, the cricket blogging world in general  – about a distinctive line of attire they are about to produce. Now this seems like a blatant attempt to get free advertising – although no one would advertise here if they knew my viewing statistics – but I don’t mind a bit of blatancy so I have reproduced their press release below

The self-styled ‘sporting outfitters of intellectual distinction’ at
Philosophy Football find quotes from philosophers about football and
slap them on a T-shirt with name and squad number added. This summer
they have launched a their philosophy cricket range with opening bat
CB Fry’s musings on cricket as a philosophy. As a cricketer CB Fry
captained both Sussex and England. A gifted footballer too, he played
professionally for Southampton and Portsmouth, making his England
debut in 1901. For a time he was also holder of the world record for
the long jump. A superbly gifted cricket writer and academic off the
pitch CB politically managed to combine standing unsuccessfully for
Parliament as a Liberal Party candidate with the bizarre idea ideas
that if Germany could be persuaded to play England at test cricket WW2
might be avoided. The T-shirt is available from
with the search now on for other cricket quotes for T-shirted

I’m trying to rack my brains for a few phrases they might be able to use and you might want to as well. I only there’s some commission involved!

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Why Paul Collingwood should be at No10 not No5

It’s not going well. My campaign to get Paul Collingwood elected Prime Minister that is. Some people seem opposed to the idea because he is a bit bottom-handed, but at least he is not under-handed, like most of our elected officials.

So, if you think that the Ginger Genius should be in Whitehall, pop along to facebook and join the group Paul Collingwood for PM. Get the ball rolling, as it were!

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