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Things I like about Test cricket (No 1 of an occasional series)

That a Test can start with all the talk being about the  unorthodox batting of one team’s No1 batsman, and end, five days later, with everyone talking about the orthodox batting of the other team’s No 11.

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Ashes chat: Freddie feels the curse of the Reverse

OK, now I’ll admit it. I’m beginning to get a little bit scared. Because a third of four of the astrological predictions forecast for the Ashes by Reverse Sweep looks like it is about to come true.

And to save you scrolling back a few days this is it: 3 Andrew Flintoff’s injury woes continue at St John’s Wood as his chart is “hit by an accident-prone conjunction between Uranus and Mars”. Expect the pedalos in nearby Regent’s Park to get some action.

And indeed, only today we have the following story from cricinfo http://www.cricinfo.com/engvaus2009/content/current/story/414084.html confirming his fitness worries.

RS, with the help of the magnificent magus, Mystic Mags, has already succeeded in forecasting the end of Michael Vaughan’s cricket career, as well as warning of Brett Lee’s injury problems: https://sportwriter.wordpress.com/2009/07/06/brett-lee-and-michael-vaughan-reverse-sweeps-mystical-powers-bear-fruit-despite-magazine-cover-up/ and has failed only in one: 1 The lingering effects of the second of four Mercury retrogrades (planet travelling backwards) implies communication problems at Cardiff. Be prepared for an unusual proliferation of run-outs, although he would point out that there were communication problems at Cardiff, mainly in the form of Andrew Strauss’s field-placing policy.

So let us hope that RS’s clairvoyant activities continue to be so accurate, because it could mean Jimmy “in the form of his life” Anderson will live up to his quotation marks and so make prediction No 2 come to pass: 2 He swings it in, he swings it out. But can he swing it for England? Leo Sun James Anderson “can go beyond himself until July 26”. It could signal his first Test ten-for – and at Lord’s

Watch this space!


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