J-Rod’s pep talk gives Reverse Sweep a stay of execution

OK, I’ve had the pep talk from J-Rod and as he says: “It’s the Ashes, so you might as well keep it going. YOu’ll get loads of hits.” So there will be a special Ashes blog which i will endeavour to update at least every two days – and perhaps more if I can work out how to post on here from my most regular place of work – and I will review the situation after Cardiff.

If I still find I’m blogging to one man and his very literate dog, I might turn my attention to tennis or croquet or perhaps relocate to Scotland and become the first curling blog, Ice Sweep.

Regards, your temperamental blogger.


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4 responses to “J-Rod’s pep talk gives Reverse Sweep a stay of execution

  1. Curling is much under-represented on the blogging front…

    Seriously, anything but croquet!

  2. Keep at it Nigel. Blog every day and the traffic will pick up. As for curling, well by chance I know the British Curling press officer. I’ll suggest your idea to him… You and Rhona Martin could set the world alight

  3. Was a truly inspirational speech, they should sell it on t shirts.

  4. TCN


    There’s quite a bit available in the curling blogosphere, so you’d best prepare accordingly.

    Not only must you contend with the all-powerful TCN (), there are no less than three U.K. curling blogs these days.

    Er, okay… they’re all Scottish ( and )… and the third is inactive and will soon be put to pasture.

    But seriously… ’tis a great idea and we welcome your imminent launch. The more the merrier!

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