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It may be to England’s detriment that there’ll be no sign of gwglis in Cardiff this week

Anyone alse worried by the fact that most of the media are reporting that England will go in with two spinners – and that one of them isn’t Adil Rashid.

I’m certainly not against loyalty – and like most of us hope that Monty can come good again – but Geoff Miller seems to deal in selective loyalty. Just ask Matthew Hoggard. Or read his book.

Rashid bowled without too much good fortune on an unhelpful pitch at Worcester last week, but he showed with his batting – and his bowling in the Twenty20 that he has one of the most important qualities for a would-be Test player – a mature temperament.

If the rumours are true that Monty has tried altering the pace of his deliveries and has given it up as a bad job then I can’t imagine what his inclusion at Cardiff is going to bring to the England side.

And besides, if Rashid had played we would have probably seen the first “gwgli” to be bowled in a Test match.

For those who haven’t been paying attention to their Welsh lessons this week, that’s what they over the border call the “wrong-un”. But you’d have never guessed from the spelling!

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J-Rod’s pep talk gives Reverse Sweep a stay of execution

OK, I’ve had the pep talk from J-Rod and as he says: “It’s the Ashes, so you might as well keep it going. YOu’ll get loads of hits.” So there will be a special Ashes blog which i will endeavour to update at least every two days – and perhaps more if I can work out how to post on here from my most regular place of work – and I will review the situation after Cardiff.

If I still find I’m blogging to one man and his very literate dog, I might turn my attention to tennis or croquet or perhaps relocate to Scotland and become the first curling blog, Ice Sweep.

Regards, your temperamental blogger.


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