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‘Beautiful’ Aussies deal hammer blow to sledging

Over on Cricket With Balls (I still can’t hyperlink so you’ll have to find your own way there), the estimable J-Rod (copyright: the worst cricket captain in the world apparently!) quotes Robin Martin-Jenkins’ disappointment at the lack of sledging from the Aussies during the recent tour match against Sussex.

I feel this could be the start of a worrying trend. For over at Barnes on Monday, in the Blogging Ashes (which, I’m sure you’ve read elsewhere, was won by England) it was much the same.¬†They all seemed remarkably pleasant chaps, there was no snarling, and one or two even chipped in “Good shot, sir” when we managed to make reasonable contact.

I think it was the Poms who were the more mouthy in the field and, having been out of club cricket for so long, I was quite pleased to learn some new phrases like “control the controllables” (and bugger the uncontrollables, I guess).

We were even so ruthless as to catch all our catches – and there were some mighty difficult ones to catch as well.

So perhaps that’s what the summer proffers. The Ugly Englanders getting stuck in to the old foe – and of course, with Matt Prior skipping around behind the stumps, that is how it should be.

I wonder what Ian Chappell will make of it.

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