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Michael Vaughan – a voice for hire

Well, Vaughany has gone. Much in the same way as the man he replaced, Nasser Hussain. That is, immediately.

So this leads me to raise one question. When will we hear the announcement from Sky that he is joining their commentary team for the Ashes, alongside the equally fresh-as-a-prawn-off-the-barbie Shane Warne? Because, surely, he has something lined up.

The procession of former – and in some cases present – professional cricketers into media positions – particularly TV  – will no doubt continue unchecked. The depressing thing of course is that for every Mike Atherton – and even he’s looking a bit dark around the eye sockets from his duel role with The Times – there are the Dominic Corks and Robert Crofts who already sound as if the whole business is too wearisome to be really bothered.

It really is time some quality control was carried out: what we want from a commentator is a voice with a tenor that doesn’t offend the eardrums, succinct insight and a decent appreciation of when to shut up.

What I can’t stand about these guys such as Ian Botham, Nasser even and Jeremy Coney (don’t get me started on Jeremy Coney) is that having been overburdened with a swift 20-minute stint in the box, they will disappear, possibly for a beer, a chat with one of their cricket chums and pay little attention to what their successors in front of the mic are saying. So that, suddenly, when they come back they proceed to repeat what has been said only 10 minutes earlier, rather than expand on it.

And why, as we seemingly get these days, do we need three men in the box at a time? They all talk over each other, occasionally argue over each other and natter on unnecessarily. What happened to the notion of a professional commentator who would merely defer to an expert summariser, who had to wait to be given the nod to espouse his wisdom?

Incidentally, those who buy the world’s best selling cricket magazine this month, should turn to its Ashes supplement, where they will find – providing it hasn’t been edited out of existence – that Michael Vaughan’s exit had been predicted by the author of this blog and his secret astrological source, Mystic Mags.

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