Sponsor Reverse Sweep to… er … reverse sweep in the Blogging Ashes

Reverse Sweep has a confession to make.

Despite his admiration for all things Kevin Pietersen, Eoin Morgan and those other players whose innovative abilities have enabled the term to enter the common cricket lexicon (not to mention make his blog more easily located through search engines rather than just referrals from Cricket With Balls, The Village Cricketer and Line and Length), he has never actually played a reverse sweep, a switch hit or a Dilshan scoop shot (the mohican is RS’s preferred title for the shot) in anger in competition.

For when Reverse Sweep was at his regrettably brief playing peak, when Twenty20 was barely a twinkle in a marketing professional’s cerebral cortex, it was a stroke only purveyed with any regularity by wayward stocky types like Mike Gatting and Ian Botham. Reverse Sweep (at that point cutting a slim figure),  based his game, for better of for worse, more on stable, stoic types such as Chris Tavare and Geoffrey Boycott, who was more likely to send his pinnied granny out in his place to bat for England on a sticky dog at Old Trafford than succumb to such frivolities.

But Reverse Sweep is nothing if not in favour of progress (so long as it doesn’t threaten to strangle old and worthy traditions like the forward defensive and genuine leg glance) and with this in mind he is prepared to make his merry band of readers an offer they can barely refuse.

For on Monday, at Barnes Cricket Club, Reverse Sweep will put his ageing body on the line in the Blogging Ashes, a game that is not for the fainthearted. He is honoured to be lining up alongside other such worthies as the Village Cricketer, Line and Length and one or two cricinfo and Wisden chaps as they battle with offbeat Aussie upstart Cricket With Balls and a bunch of non-blogging ringers from Down Under that the dastardly convicts have slung together after a long pub crawl through the hostelries of Earl’s Court and surrounding areas.

And since the match is not simply about national honour – it is also about securing funds for the Everyman cancer charity – Reverse Sweep is planning to do a sponsored Reverse Sweep during the game. All you have to do is come on here and pledge a small or significant amount of cash for every Reverse Sweep that Reverse Sweep is able to execute during his innings.  A tenner a stroke would be an acceptable offer, with double that should he be able to pull off a Dilshan and triple that for a genuine switch hit (don’t worry he will not be able to do this and if he does he will be hospitalised with a hernia)

So step up, brave fellows and fellowesses or just sneak down to Barnes from 3.30pm onwards with your chequebooks and pens at the ready.


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