The World Twenty20 – a love/hate relationship

Eleven things Reverse Sweep likes about the Twenty20 World Cup


 1 Australia going out in the first group stage – good and rapid catharsis for England’s defeat by Holland

2 Chris Gayle – what else is there to say? A monster with a cricket bat in his hand

The insouciance of Yuvraj Singh – you can’t just wander in and hit a six first ball can you? Oh, you can

4 Kyle McCallan’s action – it’s nicely rounded with a bit of drift, and as smooth as a pint of Guinness (if you like that sort of thing; prefer a nice cool Staropramen meself)

5 An England wicketkeeper getting a genuine stumping – stand up, or, well, crouch down James Foster

6 Ryan Sidebottom’s attitude against India, neatly and accurately summarised by a correspondent on the Guardian’s over-by-over site as being that of a man who “has decreed ‘I have come here to eat bread n spread and despise humanity’ and I am all out of bread and spread’”

7 Gordon Drummond’s fielding – brilliantly turning a catch off Jacob Oram at short backward square into a drop and then kicking the falling ball off his thigh to the Vauxhall End boundary 40 yards away

8 Stuart Broad for the semaphore flag gestures in his run-up that suggest he is guiding  low flying planes over the Oval and Lord’s towards Terminal 5 rather than about to deliver a cricket ball. And upsetting the ICC in the process

9 Alan Wilkins; never heard of the chap before but apparently a former Glamorgan and Gloucestershire player who puts some of ESPN Star Sport’s generally abysmal commentating ‘talent’ to shame.

10 Anil Kumble – the only other ESPN Star Sports commentator with a smidgen of insight.

11 South Africa’s fielding – like a pack of hyenas chancing on a recently deceased warthog.

Twelfth man: People – lots and lots of them, packed into grounds, enjoying cricket and waving babies in the air in celebration



Eleven things he doesn’t

1 Australia going out in the first group stage – after the laughing’s over, who’s left to hate?

2 Roelof van der Merwe – scary as buggery unpronounceable South African orthodox left-arm spinner who fires in darts at unsuspecting batsman: looks as though he wishes they were real darts.

3 The ESPN Star Sports commentary team; especially Jeremy Coney and Harsha Bogle, who took up half an Ireland match discussing headline puns that could be attributed to the electrician batting at No 3. Don’t call us….

4 Sky TV – who decree that we must see a short advert for Southall Travel before a replay of any wicket

5 Stumps – inserted so loosely that even the slightest brush of a bail from a Muralitharan off break uproots more wood than the 1987 hurricane.

6 Paul Collingwood’s field placing – especially against Holland, when no one inside the circle saving a single was actually close enough to save a single.

7 Holland’s supporters – you can’t knock ‘em; all that orange does look good under lights

8 Lasith Malinga – and his single-handed crusade to bring back fast underarm bowling

9 Pasties – tasty, but £4 a time at the Oval? You’ve got to be choking.

10 Headlines – about how well England’s women are doing while the men can’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo

11 South Africa – winning all the time

Twelfth man: National anthems – sound like they’ve been recorded on a Bontempi organ



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2 responses to “The World Twenty20 – a love/hate relationship

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  2. John McNamara

    You forgot to mention Kevin Pietersen coming of age as a Twenty20 batsman (sort of)

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