England leaders tread on their stumps

It was always likely to end in tears – and there was probably not a blogger or media analyst among us who didn’t feel in his bones that it would; the only surprise is that it has done so in so short a time.

Having awakened from my lie-in after an ultimately failed attempt to see the Australia/South Africa series to its end – I do recall, through the mists of slumber, seeing Graeme Smith march to the wicket in one desperate, last bid to offset defeat with both arms in slings – I do indeed find that KP, as predicted here before settling down on the sofa, has gone. But apparently, he didn’t wait to be pushed.

He’d obviously been tuned into cricinfo from his holiday ranch in South Africa, and seen that the issue had, against all the odds, turned against him, so fell on his sword. And, laughingly, for the board that is meant to uphold all things English cricket, he seems to have forgotten to tell them first.

And if it’s goodnight from him, it’s also goodnight from me as well, thought Peter Moores, who has also trodden on his own stumps (to adapt a metaphor).

Now, Andrew Strauss is favourite to pick up the threads of a rapidly diminishing England team with little fibre. And, probably, about time too.

The question is: who’ll become coach. Anyone got any left-field suggestions? Though I wouldn’t be surprised to come back in about an hour and find that KP’s been reinstated and Peter Moores has announced he’s having his baby.


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One response to “England leaders tread on their stumps

  1. John McNamara

    Time to resort to a familiar family. After Keith and Duncan, how about Jessica Fletcher. She’s probably got as much chance as anyone of discovering what the hell has gone on over the past few months

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