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Just when you thought it was safe to laugh at Australia….

Well, isn’t it great to see English fair play reassert itself? Especially when our good manners can be seen by 100 countries around the globe. As KP hinted earlier in the week, it would be a bit obscene, in the current financial climate, to see our boys walk away with £617,000 apiece for 40 overs’ work. So we cunningly decided to let the West Indies (or Sir Allen Stanford’s approximation of it) walk away with the filthy lucre.

Or did we just choke in amost embarrassing way? I think we did. Just when you think it’s safe to laugh at Australia, something comes along to slam your mouth shut mid-chuckle. Now, I have no love for this competition, but the England display, if not the result, has left a humiliated feeling. Especially when the reddened, grinning visage of Mr Stanford, revelling in our misfortune, can be seen on so many big screens.

That said, his boys took full advantage of an uncertain, tentative England approach (just how many of our team were bowled?), their bowlers keeping to an excellent length and fielders pouncing in  predatory manner.

No doubt they deserved their victory. Maybe next year we’ll take it more seriously (and the exchange rate will have improved).



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