Asteroids: an update

Reverse Sweep’s northern correspondent, Jack S Pratt, has just emailed me to suggest that should an asteroid come hurtling towards earth in the next couple of years, that rather than send Bruce Willis up to counteract it, as in the film Armageddon, we should propel Sky pundit Bob Willis up instead. Sounds like a good idea to me: he could probably bore it into a new orbit.


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3 responses to “Asteroids: an update

  1. BAHA, does Willis still commentate in England ? I only hear him during county games now. Thank god.

    You put him and Aravinda together and you could have a half a mil falling asleep in a few mins.

    Ps- how about a link exchange mate.
    Already added you

  2. Haven’t people expressed their displeasure of listening to him? I am sure Sky must have some kind of a viewer-feedback mechanism?

  3. hmm i thought i left a comment on here about aravinda and willis commentating together ?

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