Shoaib’s challenge: make a northerner eat his ferret’s naughty bits

Ever wonder why there was a north-south divide? It’s to stop raving lunatics like Jack S Pratt, Reverse Sweep’s correspondent from places where southerners fear to tread, getting past the Watford Gap. Anyway, here’s the nutcase’s latest rant, and strangely, we agree with him
There is nothing more gratifying to us cricket die hards up north than to see soft southerners get their comeupance.I refer on this occasion to Surrey’s use of  “The Rawalpindi Rip Off”, aka Shoaib Akhtar in an attempt to buy their way out of trouble.
As I write on a rainy morning in Yorkshire, Akhtar has taken 1-54 in Hampshire’s 480-8! This does not exactly sound like great value, but does at least shows that the cricketing gods have a senseof fair play.
However it is one thing seeing our southern friends getting their just desserts, it is another seeing good money go to waste.
I don’t know what Shoaib was paid for stint at The Oval, but surely the money could have better spent.
I suspect the amount would represent cosiderable riches to, for example, those trying to improve facilities for socially disadvantaged young cricketers.I’m sure you can all think of a better cause than Akhtar’s bank account.
It may be  that Shoaib will score a double hundred and take 10 wickets in the second innings. If so I’ll eat my ferret’s genitals but will still question  the morality and financial sense of such dodgy dealings.


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3 responses to “Shoaib’s challenge: make a northerner eat his ferret’s naughty bits

  1. I don’t think he was a rip off, how much does a couple of grams of coke cost these days.

  2. John McNamara

    Apart from being heavily beaten, Surrey have also had a point deducted for a slow over-rate. I wonder who could have been responsible for that. Mustn’t laugh, no, really mustn’t

  3. walter

    Come on Mr Reverse Sweep, let us have a pithy summary of the extraordinary goings-on that completed the championship season … and your list of heroes and villains of the 2008 summer!

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