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Navel-gazing and a cricket transfer window – Reverse Sweep returns

Well, after a brief hibernation as he suffered a crisis of confidence, Reverse Sweep has slowly opened his eyes, yawned, stretched, risen to his feet and wandered over from the couch to take his place back at his computer terminal.

It has been a bit of a break, but can he pick up where he left off? Will his handful of readers clap their hands in joy and offer grateful thanks to the heavens or be pissed off at being toyed with like this? Or will they have taken their daily blog reading habits elsewhere, winking suggestively at any new entrant to the blogosphere in the hope of forging a more sustainable relationship, and therefore not be aware he is back.

Only time – and the wordpress daily readership statistics – will tell.

So what brought about RS’s psychological crisis? And what, after much soul-searching and many cups of coffee, has brought him back to the fold.

It started with KP. When KP was awarded the England captaincy, you could hardly move for the opinions on his selection. TV, newspapers, blogs: every viewpoint you could imagine was covered – and sometimes more than a few times. So the question is: had RS got anything new to say? If not, was he saying the same things in a new or interesting way? Or was he just repeating, in a not very exciting way, what you could read or hear elsewhere?

Never, in the field of human history, RS suspects, has there been so much spoken or written about cricket – or about anything for that matter. While that is in many ways a good thing, giving voice to those who might not otherwise have one, it also means that almost no stone is unturned, and most of those stones are turned repeatedly.

Neville Cardus? EW Swanton? How would they have got on in blog land? Would their voices have seemed so original, so unique in a land saturated with cricket wordage?

Who knows? All RS knows is that there were blogs out there doing the same job – and probably doing it better.

Anyway, enough navel gazing. RS was convinced to return by a simple conversation with his old chum over at Line and Length who, while being plied with alcohol at a pub overlooking the Thames one evening last week, mentioned that at least RS “was readable”.

And that, he supposes, should be enough. However, RS will not now try to blog on a daily basis, but only when he really has something to get off his chest., like, why on earth are Surrey being allowed to court Shoaib Akhtar in a desperate attempt to save their season? Does this not neglect what county cricket should be all about proving: the best and worst teams over a sustained period? 

At the time of writing it is by no means certain that this will go through? But if it does, and Surrey escape thanks to a couple of ten-fors from the Rawalpindi Express, I trust that the ECB will look into creating some regulations to prevent this in future.

Maybe a cricket transfer window is required.



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