Ch-ch-ch-changes (but not many of them)

Well, so much for the new broom then. Not a surprise selection among em, unless you count Samit Patel’s inclusion in the one-day squad (again trailed by Reverse Sweep only hours ago) and Matt Prior’s recall to the same.

Owais Shah must wonder what he has to do to get a chance now that Ravi Bopara has leapt ahead of him in the pecking order. Tell you what Owais: take the IPL/Champions League money and sod the selectors.   

But there’s no Carberry, no Key, no Malan – and did we really think there would be?

Conservative imagination – if that’s not a contradiction in terms -is something that is anathema to England’s selectors. Mad left-field selections, such as that of Darren Pattinson, evidently are not.   


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3 responses to “Ch-ch-ch-changes (but not many of them)

  1. John McNamara

    Surely what will happen is Bopara will play the next couple of Tests with Shah as back up in India. If Ravi has little success then Shah will retain his place in the squad for the West Indies tour but a “rejuvenated” Michael Vaughan will be recalled to the team. Despite our humiliatingly poor batting in the early stages of the Ashes, an opening won’t appear in the batting line-up until KP quits to spend more time with his ego once the series is lost. Shah is in prime position for a call-up, but Bopara is preferred despite the fact that he has in fact taken a sabbatical from the game to herd sheep in Turkmenistan. Nothing is too ridiculous for this bunch.

  2. walter

    Having seen Carberry rolled over twice with minimum effort by Jason Lewry at Arundel, it has to be said his only international future lies as the kind of 12th man guaranteed to get up the nose of an Australia captain.

  3. Jason Lewry for England then!

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