Dear Mr Miller – are you having a laugh?

Question to the England selectors. What would have been wrong with this team?

1 Strauss

2 Cook

3 Vaughan

4 Pietersen

5 Bell

6 Collingwood

7 Flintoff

8 Ambrose

9 Broad

10 Panesar

11 Anderson


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4 responses to “Dear Mr Miller – are you having a laugh?

  1. John McNamara

    Only four bowlers for a start – one with a bad back and one who hasn’t played a Test in 18 months. The No 6 batsman is in terrible form and the No 3 is barely doing enough to keep his place

  2. To be fair Vaughan’s the only one who’s been out to a dcent ball today. Colly was in terrible form but has done enough to warrant some faith – or maybe we’ll be looking for another one-day captain soon as well. And he would have been the fifth bowler. Wsatching some of the wickets today, I’ve had the impression half the England side are auditioning for a place in the Twenty20 XI. Now watch as South Africa get their heads down. It’s got a bit in it for the bowlers no doubt, but not as much as we’ve made apparent.

  3. John McNamara

    There were some shocking shots. Can’t agree that Colly could be a fifth bowler. He’s not going to threaten the likes of Kallis and Smith is he. We need five proper bowlers not four and a part-timer. Pietersen is arguably a better bowler than Colly anyway. I won’t give up hope until at least lunch time tomorrow

  4. They played an extra bowler in place of Collingwood. Going by Colly’s form and the inability of the four frontline bowlers to dismiss SA in Lords, a fifth bowler was the right choice. But the selection of ‘Pattinson’ baffles me.

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