We don’t know what we’re doing – but when will we?

The graph provided by the clever people at WordPress that informs me how many people have been logging on to this site has been showing a bit of a downward curve of late – actually a downward plummet would be more accurate. Think nosedive, crash, plunge. Crunch, even – perhaps I should get on to the Bank of England.

Possibly, though, I’d like to think definitely, that’s because I’ve taken a bit of a Sabbatical in a desperate attempt to find someone who will actually pay me for my thoughts. There is some movement on that front so maybe I’ll be a more frequent visitor to my own blog in the not-too-distant future.

I’m presently – and have been doing for a week or so now – trying to work out how a Test Championship might actually be a going concern and when I’ve worked it out I’ll get back to you, but I can’t help feeling that at the very least it’s going to mean an extraordinary disruption and renegotiation of much-loved series, although of course it’s questionable whether those exist much beyond the Ashes these days. India/Australia? The odd series involving South Africa?

Anyway, will, even, the Ashes of 2010 go ahead in its present form? According to the ICC’s Future Tours Programme, there will be five Tests – not the six that the Aussies wanted, which means poor, neglected Hobart will almost certainly and unfairly miss out again, although, on the plus side, they won’t be able to beat us 6-0 – the formats of other series are seemingly up for grabs.

So far, the length and split between Tests and one-day internationals (of the short or very short variety) in series involving England in South Africa, West Indies and Pakistan in Australia, Australia in New Zealand and South Africa in India early in 2010 – and among plenty of others – have not been decided.

No doubt we’ll have to wait for everyone to get their heads around what’s happening with the IPL and associated Stanford-inspired spin-offs. But it’s all a mite confusing. I mean, I’m already planning for England’s tour to Bangladesh in January 2012 (by which time, I’m counting on Bangladesh being truly a world cricket force) and I want to get in early to get a dirt cheap price on business class with a budget airline.

I know that James Sutherland has recently spoken out in favour of a Test Championship, but no one has given the slightest indication of how it might be conceived. Could it be that even the greatest minds in the game are having trouble dealing with the complexities that will undoubtedly result?

And, incidentally, can it really be true that prior to the Ashes 2010, Australia are scheduled to pop over to England to play FIVE one-day internationals and nowt else?



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3 responses to “We don’t know what we’re doing – but when will we?

  1. can it really be true that prior to the Ashes, Australia are scheduled to come to England to play FIVE one-day internationals?
    In 2009, it’s worse – two T20I’s and no less than seven ODI’s to come after the Tests. What an excruciatingly long way of finishing an Ashes tour.

    I hope that with the Australian triangular series now finished, that the ODI series will act as warmups for the Tests – it gives the touring team more time to get used to the conditions etc.

  2. John McNamara

    Why does Hobart have to miss out on just because it is a five-Test series? Why don’t Cricket Australia just move one of the other Tests there – say from their stronghold of Brisbane, for example? Could it be that the people who run CA are not imbeciles who recognize that given their side the best chance to win the series at their favourite grounds might come above political and financial considerations? How bizarre

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