Daily Archives: July 4, 2008

Scots shortchanged (well, that’s no suprise is it?)

Back by popular demand, (well, mine actually) Reverse Sweep’s northern correspondent Jack S Pratt has spotted something else that annoys him….
It is rare for me to sympathize with the good folk of Aberdeen but, I do feel for those who turned out to watch the game between Scotland and New Zealand.  Anyone who paid attention yesterday’s cricket scores will have noticed the contempt with which they were treated. It does not take a tactical mastermind to predict that the paying public’s interest in a good day’s cricket would have been best served by the Kiwis batting first. So, they put Scotland in, bowl them out for 101(including 15 extras) and knock the runs off in 14 overs allowing them to put their feet up while those who paid to see a rare day’s cricket in Aberdeen go home thoroughly pissed off. Once again enthusiastic cricket fans have paid good money to be treated very shoddily.


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