Selvey (& friends) talk more nonsense again

I’ve copied and pasted the following quotes from cricinfo just to emphasise that there is nothing more sickening than jounalists getting all self-righteous. Paul Newman takes the first prize for hyperbole, but of course, Mike Selvey, as ever, is in there. Even Simon Hughes has a go. Editors getting on your backs were they, chaps? Collingwood’s reputation has been enhanced in my view: he may have been better advised to call Elliott back but the collision WAS AN ACCIDENT. Get over it boys.

“This was the worst incident involving an England captain since Mike Gatting argued with umpire Shakoor Rana 21 years ago and Paul Collingwood’s reputation may be sullied forever.”
Paul Newman takes the historical view in the Daily Mail

When a man as decent as Paul Collingwood gets drawn into temporarily seeking a win at all costs, it is just further confirmation that cricket has sacrificed any right to the moral high ground.”
Simon Hughes ponders what a pass the game has come to

“This was a match that will be remembered for England cocking a snook at the spirit of the game, something enshrined within the law.”
Mike Selvey thinks the spirit of cricket has taken a beating




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3 responses to “Selvey (& friends) talk more nonsense again

  1. These writers view themselves as guardians of ‘cricket’.

  2. I still think Nasser putting Australia in to bat at Brisbane was worse

  3. I think they are all going over the top here. Collingwood didn’t cheat. He made the wrong decision and admitted so and New Zealand won the game anyway. Can’t believe everyone is still going on about it.

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