Disingenuous Smith way out of line

Good to see the Village Cricketer (see comments on Collingwood below) is of similar mind to me regarding the NZ Run-Out Incident. And he raises the very valid point about their treatment of Muralitharan a couple of winters ago – not the first time the Kiwis have indulged in a bit of underhand run-out business if my memory serves me correctly.

I also meant to comment on Ian Smith’s commentary on The Incident when he seemed to suggest that it was the most unsporting act since Trevor Chappell’s Underarm. I’d like to hope that Smith was simply angry in the heat of the moment, but to compare the premeditated act of Greg Chappell with the heat of the moment approach of Collingwood is disingenuous. I like Smith as a commentator – he’s better than half the big names in the Sky commentary box who constantly indulge in a smug, we’re-all-ex-cricketers-and don’t-we-have-a-great-life-on-a-big-salary love-in – but  I would hope that one of his bosses might have a quiet word about making those kinds of comparison



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3 responses to “Disingenuous Smith way out of line

  1. John McNamara

    I switched off after the incident, partly because I knew the result would be irrelevant in the storm that would follow, mostly because I couldn’t listen to Smith’s hypocrisy on the issue. It’s also quite irritating that the incident drew attention away from what was a fairly pathetic England batting display

  2. Collingwood has admitted he is wrong and I genuinely think that with regards to Smith’s comments – they were heat of the moment related. He is very passionate about New Zealand cricket and had it been the other way round, I think Botham etc would have over reacted as well.

  3. Isaac

    I’ve just added a blog post about this on my blog Past Point. Collingwood shouldn’t have continued the appeal but at the end of the day New Zealand won, so Collingwood now looks even more silly.

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