When no result is the best outcome

In the Recent Comments section (below right) Tony Belford makes some interesting points about yesterday’s abandonment of the one-day international at Edgbaston. I was at the Oval watching Surrey getting stuffed by Hampshire so didn’t witness the incident but I did overhear a fellow spectator talking about a controversy at the match after he came back from getting a beer, so was keen to know what happened when I got home.

It does, though, on the surface, appear a nonsensical decision and it seems as if England, as any other country would have done, used all the methods at their disposal to ensure that they didn’t complete the 20 overs that would have constituted a game. I can understand New Zealand’s frustration but, to their credit, they have not pushed the issue.

I appreciate the annoyance of spectators, at home or at the ground, and agree with Tony that English cricket has to some extent shot itself in the foot again. But I think the game had been reduced to something of a farce anyway. I don’t really think that there are winners and losers in a match in which the team batting first has had to change their strategy because the original number of overs has been reduced again by further disruptions.

I suppose, on that basis, a no-result verdict is as good as any. 



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2 responses to “When no result is the best outcome

  1. John McNamara

    After so much time was lost surely the best way to continue was to turn the match into a Twenty20 game anyway – at least then both sides and the crowd know what to expect. Twentyfour23 doesn’t really make sense in anyone’s language, I doubt the crowd would have complained and as 43 overs play was actually possibly there would have been a result. I suppose some would have bemoaned such a decision as another nail in the coffin of 50-over cricket but it just seems commonsense to me.

  2. Never thought it was fair to have a result in these reduced over games, batting mentality comes into it big time – although I suppose a result should be obtained whenever possible, as long as both sides agree to the format.

    As for spectators being annoyed, well it rained for the rest of the day anyway…so I think most of them would have sacrificed seeing one more over to make sure England didn’t lose!!

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