Switch-shot watch: update from Old Trafford

It only took 11.3 overs. Mal Loye has tried the Pietersen shot and hit a six, with one crucial difference: he didn’t switch hands. In fact he’s tried it three times and got away with it, but I say: if it don’t include the hand switch, it’s not the switch-shot.


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2 responses to “Switch-shot watch: update from Old Trafford

  1. John McNamara

    Is it going to become like the reverse sweep and every Tom, Dick and Mal trying it. There was nothing more annoying than watching a journeyman cricketer like Paul Nixon trying to reverse sweep every ball as he seemed to during his brief stint with England last year. Surely these type of shots are best used as a surprise rather than a staple. Mind you, I was very impressed with Ben Scott’s use of the reverse sweep in that drubbing of Surrey the other day

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