Ramps stalls close to the finish line

Well, the photographers can put away their 40mm lenses, sports editors can relax and the eulogies can wait: Mark Ramprakash has failed in his latest attempt to reach 100 hundreds, dismissed for only 15 on the third day of Surrey’s match against Somerset at Whitgift School. Since scoring his 99th century against Sussex at the beginning of May, Ramps has hit a poor vein of form that has brought him  just over 100 runs – 103 to be exact – in six innings. Now, with his latest failure, he will not have the opportunity to reach his particular milestone for another month – when Surrey take on Kent at the Oval. So, perhaps as he hovers on the edge of a great accomplishment, the pressure is getting to him. In which case, the break for the mindless madness of the Twenty20 may be just what he needs to clear his thoughts and rediscover his scoring touch. Let’s hope so, or a lot of journalistic man hours are going to be wasted over the course of the season. 



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6 responses to “Ramps stalls close to the finish line

  1. John McNamara

    Pressure getting to Ramprakash? Surely not. Has the campaign to get him back into the England team ground to a halt yet
    yours sincerely
    Bitter of Middlesex

  2. But how cool would it be if he just never made it to 100.

  3. If he never made it, perhaps it would be kind of fitting, in a way.

  4. Mel

    You have a cruel streak about you, Jrod.

  5. walter

    Mr McNamara, if, as one is led to believe, Messers Shah and Joyce, are ready to join Ramps at the Oval – in protest at the firm leadership of Mr Smith – do you then become bitter, twisted and ready to change your allegiance?

  6. John McNamara

    I wouldn’t blame them – I am sure listening to Mark Butcher’s guitar playing is more enjoyable than listening to Smith prattle on about the philosophy of sport

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