Community care

Here I am trying to do some proper work, but progress is slow as I become more aware of just what an enormous cricket blogging community is out there. As someone relatively new to the blogosphere (as I believe Patrick has referred to it on Line and Length) I find that, despite my other obligations, I am compelled, every three or four minutes, to switch back to Reverse Sweep in the frankly sadly egotistical hope that someone new will have commented on my latest foray into wisdom. I ask other bloggers out there whether this is this normal or do I need to see a psychiatrist? Will I grow out of this, as my blog takes on the look of a well knocked-in Newbury Uzi? ( I say Newbury Uzi because it’s the most snazzy and alarmingly named piece of wood to jump out at me from the cricket equipment supplements – truth be told, my serious playing days were seen out with a rather sedate Millichamp & Hall) or will it become an obsessive compulsion that propels me up my own backside into the land of megalomania?

Anyway, among those to contribute comments in the last 24 hours are Suave and his Cricket Republique (thanks for the Collapses tips; unfortunately I had those two etched deep in my memory, but any more you come up with will be gratefully accepted), Cricket With Balls, whose treatise on why Monty Panesar is a poor excuse for a cult hero is recommended reading, and Spun Out, whose worries about the ECB’s plans for the future of the English domestic game seem to mirror my own.

I will set up links to all these in the near future, when I have cast off my Luddite tendencies and worked out how to, although I suspect people passing by here are already aware of them, and any more good ones I come across as I trawl this vast network of cricket verbosity.



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4 responses to “Community care

  1. Thanks for the mention Nigel..I’ve blogrolled you too.

    Keep up the good work..

  2. Welcome to the family.

    Yes it’s normal to spend all day waiting for comments, but it only lasts the first few months.

    You’ve been blog rolled over at mine as well.

  3. I have been an active visitor as well Nigel. And will continue to do so.

  4. exactly what happened to me when i started…i used to thoght that will it become soliloquy…? amongst many other…

    but as the days passed i got more used to it and things started to ease up a bit…

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