Help research a book

Talking of researching books – and collapses – I’m struggling with my latest, the Worst of Cricket 2, due out in November. One chapter is The Worst Collapses and I’m suffering a bit from memory loss. There must of course be enough English examples to fill a chapter, but maybe I’ve wiped them from my brain to avoid further emotional damage. So, if you can think of any for consideration please don’t hesitate in mentioning them either on here, or by emailing me at . Good examples from domestic cricket around the world particularly welcome. A mention in the acknowledgements section of the book is the best I can offer in return, or a pint if I know you!


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  1. Hi Nigel, a couple for you
    England-Australia, 2007 Ashes test, Adelaide.

    There was the 46all out against the Windies in 90’s if I recall (it was mentioned in Athers last article in The Times).
    I’ll try to remember a few more for you..

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